Top 10 Celeb Pets – Guest Post

Top 10 Celeb Pets

Chihuahua Dog

Just like the rest of us, the rich and famous are susceptible to the charms of our four-legged friends. In fact, some of them are almost as famous for being photographed with their pet as they are for the talent that made them famous in the first place! So we thought we’d compile a list of our 10 favourite celebrity pets. After all, they’re just too darned cute to ignore…

1) Paris Hilton’s Tinkerbell the Chihuahua

The real star of Paris Hilton’s show ‘The Simple Life’, having appeared in every episode of every series, is the Teacup Chihuahua Tinkerbell. She is almost never without her beloved Paris, and has even been the central focus of the celebrity-pet expose ‘The Tinkerbell Hilton Diaries.’ Tinkerbell was rumoured to have been dog-napped at one point, too, but mysteriously returned after almost a week without Paris.

2) Miley Cyrus’ puppy Bean

Miley Cyrus recently decided to get a new best friend, the adorable puppy Bean. Bean made her debut in the celeb world in early January this year through Miley’s Twitter account, when Miley announced how much sunshine Bean had brought into her life. Miley is Bean’s own personal PR guru, Tweeting pic after pic.

3) Yasmin Le Bon’s Pug Luigi

Yasmin Le Bon and Luigi are at their happiest when they’re dining together in London’s top restaurants. Luigi hit the headlines recently when Yasmin took him into The George private members club in London’s exclusive Mayfair district. The pair were attending the Dine For Dogs Trust launch, and by all accounts Luigi looked fabulous in his black bow tie.

4) Blake Lively’s Maltipoo Penny

Penny is certainly the happiest-looking dog on our list. Ever young, she has been called the perpetual puppy. What’s her secret? It must be Blake’s constant pampering and adoration of the lucky pooch.

5) JLo’s Boxer puppy Bear

Bear is the newest addition to JLo’s household, and is almost unbearably cute. The new arrival was announced on Twitter by toyboy Casper Smart. JLo has been snapped carrying Bear on her way to an interview with Jimmy Kimmel at the ABC studios in Los Angeles, and she’s never looked more content.

6) Tulisa’s Rottweiler Prince

Tulisa isn’t really the sort to go in for the Chihuahua look – Prince the Rottweiler really is more her thing. Prince famously had a couple of little accidents in Tulisa’s X-Factor dressing room late last year. Tulisa was by all accounts livid at the incident, but everyone knows that a cute canine can be forgiven the odd mishap through over-excitement!

7) Hugh Jackman’s Bulldog Dali

Dali likes to live in style. He even flies first class when on holiday with the Jackmans! Dali, named after the world-famous painter Salvador Dali, has been on several family trips abroad. Most famously, Hugh and his beautiful daughter Ava were caught on camera roaming the Parisian Avenues, with the intrepid dog leading the way!

8) David Walliams ’ and Lara Stone’s puppy Bert

Bert is quite the socialite. He has been known to be dressed in a doggy tuxedo for dinner at the likes of Scott’s exclusive restaurant in London’s Mayfair district. But his tastes are somewhat less refined than Yasmin Le Bon’s Pug Luigi: Bert prefers to chew on a toy under the table, rather than dining with his family! He is the impulsive and super-affectionate type, though:  on one particularly public occasion, after dining at London’s 34 restaurant, Bert jumped up to give Lara a great big doggy kiss.

9) Andy Murray and Kim Sears’ pups Maggie May and Rusty

These two dogs are real winners! The cheeky doggies Maggie May and Rusty have been pictured proudly wearing Andy’s Olympic medals (Maggie May got the gold, Rusty got the silver)! The picture first surfaced on Twitter, and then went round the world as the dog’s fame spread. Kim memorably tweeted, ‘Here we go folks…just checking to make sure Rusty definitely has the silver, obviously.’

10) Lady Gaga’s pooch Fozzi

Lady Gaga can often be seen cradling her beautiful dog Fozzi in her arms. She takes him all around the world with her. Fozzi has at times appeared slightly disapproving of his owner’s choice of outfit, though. Fozzi is truly the only celebrity pet we could find whose little face makes him look like a grumpy doggie much of the time – but that’s just his way. We think it’s just because he likes to just enjoy some quiet time with Lady Gaga, instead of being trailed by those pesky fans!

So there you have it:  the 10 most beloved pets of the celeb world. Life may have its ups and downs for celebs, but there will always be that best friend just waiting in the wings – or limelight!

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Image credit – Chihuahua from Wikimedia Commons

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  • We looked at getting a Malipoo when we got Alvin – he is a Bishon Frisse and I adore him

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