Top 10 Christmas Movies


Christmas is a fantastic time of the year to sit down and watch a good movie or two.  Our Christmas movie watching started in November this year so I thought I’d share our top 10 Christmas movies.  With four times the resolution of usual HD televisions, the Panasonic, Viera TV would be a great television to watch these films on.

Our Top 10 Christmas Movies

1.  Santa Claus – The Movie

This film is my all time favourite Christmas film.  It reminds me so much of my childhood.  I always feel all warm and fuzzy when watching this.

2.  Home Alone

We love watching Kevin battle the burglars as he is accidentally left at home when his family go on holiday.  I’ve watched this movie since I was very young and watch it every single year, without fail.

3.  How The Grinch Stole Christmas

We adore the 1966 cartoon version of this one, although the Jim Carrey version is a favourite too.

4.  Arthur Christmas

This is getting to be a new favourite of ours.  We really enjoy watching this family of Santas with their old and new ways to deliver gifts on Christmas Eve.

5.  Nativity

Growing up, I went to a Church of England School so the Nativity each year was performed by the younger children as a tradition.  It is lovely watching a film about a school doing their own Nativity, with lots of jokes along the way.

6.  Elf

Elf is possibly the funniest Christmas film ever.  I haven’t shared this one with my children yet but I am sure to this year.  Lots of giggles to be had!

7.  Love Actually

This collection of heart warming and emotive stories is a wonderful reflection on life.  I think everyone should watch this film at least one Christmas.

8.  The Box of Delights

I think this was originally shown as a series but I’ve only watched it as a film.  I used to have this on DVD when I was younger and watched it many, many times each Christmas.  This is another one I’d like to share with my children this year.  “Watch out, the wolves are running!” Can Kay Harker keep the Box of Delights safe?

9.  Shrek the Halls

Shrek AND Christmas – what could be better?  My children think this film is great.

10.  Scrooge

This classic Dickens tale is a bit darker than the other films I’ve chosen for our top 10 Christmas movies.  There are several versions of this film but I quite like the Jim Carrey one the most at the moment.

We really love our movie nights, with good company any tasty snacks.  You can read about our recent movie night here.  As you can see, I think my movie choices are based on fond memories of being a child myself.  I just hope my children feel the same when they look back on their past Christmases when they are adults.

Which are your favourite Christmas movies?  Which films do your children love to watch at Christmas?


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3 thoughts on “Top 10 Christmas Movies

  1. Great choices, I do love a Christmas movie! I love Elf, too, and we all watched Arthur Christmas together yesterday. My all time favourite is It’s a Wonderful Life, which my husband and I watch together after the kids have gone to bed on Christmas Eve each year.

  2. What an awesome list. Watching Christmas movies is one of the best parts of Christmas. I would have to add the Wizard of Oz to this list though, I love watching it at Christmas

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