Top 5 Easter Family Movies

To 5 Easter Family Movies #CollaborativePost #AdvertWe do love to watch a good movie and with Easter coming up, I wanted to share our top 5 Easter family movies.   To enjoy watching movies more, we have been looking at getting a Panasonic Viera television so that we have a clearer picture.  I am currently re-decorating my bedroom and I think this TV would make a great addition to this room.

Our Top 5 Easter Family Movies


We absolutely love Hop!  This is such a fun film.  EB (Easter Bunny) travels to Hollywood, in pursuit of his dream to become a drummer.  While there, Fred O’Hare, who is a bit lost with how he thinks about having a job, knocks EB down with his car.  Fred cares for EB, who isn’t the most well behaved house guest.  There are lots of laughs in this film.  You just have to watch out for the naughty chicks and it’s probably wise not to eat the jellybeans.

My daughter loves this film so much that we managed to watch it several times at Christmas too.

Bugs Bunny’s Easter Funnies

My children were introduced to the classic Bugs Bunny episodes recently.  My daughter particularly likes Tom and Jerry but my son is enjoying Bugs Bunny more at the moment.  This relatively short DVD is a compilation of some of these old cartoons.  My children always giggle at these cartoons.  They remind me so much of my childhood too.  This Bugs Bunny Easter Funnies is one to watch this Easter.


This film looks fantastic.  We have watched the trailers to it at the cinema and I think it is one that we are going to enjoy.  We haven’t seen this yet, as it isn’t showing at our cinema until next week.  With so many animals in it though, it looks set to be a big Easter hit.

Alice in Wonderland

This is possibly the most confusing book I’ve ever read, due to its dream-like plot, so I much prefer to watch the film for this wonderful tale.  For us, Easter marks the coming of better weather and the possibility of dining outside.  This film reminds us of having tea parties and dreaming of sunnier days.  We certainly can imagine going down the rabbit hole with this film.

Easter Specials

We think that there are a great range of Easter specials out there.  Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Miffy, Bing, Yogi Bear and Peter Rabbit are some of the Easter specials that we enjoy watching at home.


Which Easter family movies do you enjoy watching with your children?

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