Top 5 Favourite Childhood Sweets

Top 5 Favourite Childhood Sweets. Ad/advert/Sponsored Post. I have been busy buying sweets for my daughter’s recent birthday party.  We spent some time looking at the different sweets on offer in our local Morrison’s store. Not so long ago, we would often browse in the old fashioned, traditional sweet shop just down the road from us.  The owner retired so the shop isn’t there any more.  All three of us were actually quite sad about this. Looking at those old goodie jars and telling my children my own childhood memories, stirred up by the rows of containers with red lids, was wonderful. I couldn’t believe that I had forgotten so much.

My Top 5 Favourite Childhood Sweets

We have since been looking for a replacement old fashioned sweet shop. There don’t seem to be any for miles around though.  I was pleased when I was told about Appleton Sweets, as they sell the types of goodies that I would like. It has made me think about my top 5 favourite childhood sweets, so here they are:

  1. Sherbert Lemons – deliciously tangy.
  2. Werther’s Originals – so buttery. The TV advert for these sweets was great too!
  3. Haribo Bears – Haribo make sweets I can eat, as they don’t contain dairy or eggs. These little bears are so cute. The red and the orange ones are the best.
  4. Kola Kubes – Delicious and tasting of cola.
  5. Popping Candy – We used to dare each other as to how much popping candy we could fit into our mouths at once. So much fun as an eleven year old!

Childhood Memories

I remember getting a Mother of All Gobstoppers gobstopper from the pick ‘n’ mix from Woolworths when I was about 11 years old. My friend and I had a competition to see who could eat through one of these the fastest.  I was so determined to win that I actually made my tongue bleed! We both gave up in the end though as it was too much sugar to get through.

I don’t tend to eat many sweets nowadays but the ones that I enjoy now are Haribo foam hearts and mint imperials.  When I do eat sweets, I do really enjoy them. I like to consume less sugar now, if at all possible.  These sugar free Twizzlers look very tasty.

I’ve just realised that I forgot to add Fruit Salad sweets to my list of childhood favourites.  I used to go to the shop with a friend each morning break time to get our headmaster a packet of Walkers’ Cheese and Onion crisps. I was about 10 years old at the time (this would not be allowed nowadays). We were allowed to take some of our money that we would usually spend at the Tuc Shop at school (a small stall, run by Year 6 children, selling snacks to everyone at school). I always picked up a few Sherbert Lemons or some Fruit Salads. The Fruit Salad sweets always used to be sold with Black Jacks. I remember really hating Black Jacks and wished they could only sell Fruit Salads. After not tasting these for years, I’ve found where to buy packs of only Fruit Salad sweets (no yukky Black Jacks). I would love to get some of these in the future.

So many memories!  I can’t remember eating many sweets as a child but they were a real treat when I did get some. Even when they were a penny a sweet, I was still able to limit myself as to how many I had and how often.

Which sweets did you enjoy as a child?  Which sweets bring back the most childhood memories for you?


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