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Top 5 TV Shows Sponsored Post/AdvertAs the cooler months are upon us now, I have been watching more television and have compiled my top 5 TV shows.  My children are both at school now so it is much easier to do my work during the day and to watch TV in the evenings.  I used to take this for granted but over the past 2 years, it has been tricky to watch the TV shows that I have wanted to.  Watching My Little Pony and Power Rangers is obviously fun but I sometimes want to watch something different.  Netflix and Now TV have offered me a fantastic choice of programmes to watch lately.  I am hoping to get a Panasonic Ultra HD 4K TV to watch them on soon.

Orphan Black

I am absolutely in awe of the main actress on Orphan Black.  Tatiana Maslany manages to convincingly play around twelve different characters within this programme.   I had to ask Google if she had multiple siblings in real life, that were all acting on this TV show!

Orphan Black is about a character called Sarah Manning.  She witnesses the suicide of someone that looks exactly like her.  This leads her to finding out that she has several clones.  Each cloned character has a different personality.  I won’t spoil the plot for you  but this is definitely one to watch.

Sons on Anarchy

I am quite hooked on this one at the moment.  This is about a gang of bikers in America that go by the name SAMCRO (Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Originals).  They sell guns and generally go about their criminal ways throughout the episodes.  Lots of violence and gore so definitely not for the faint hearted.  The themes in this TV show are loyalty and revenge.

Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars had me glued to the television for seven seasons.  Which I watched back to back.  This programme is more of a teenage type storyline, even though there are quite a lots of murders and tense scenes.  A group of best friends are sent mysterious and often threatening text messages from ‘A’ after their friend, Alison DeLaurentis is found, presumed dead, after going missing.  ‘A’ continues to watch their every move as we all try to guess the identity of ‘A’.  I liked trying to guess this character’s identity throughout the seasons so far.

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is another addictive TV show.  This is also a show with adult themes.  I love the complex storylines with viewpoints from each of the families/houses as they all follow their own, yet interlinked, quests for power.  I like that this has a great element of fantasy, with dragons and the like.  When I first started watching this, I had to make sure I was awake so that I could follow what was happening.  It is definitely not a show that I could understand if I was not paying attention to it.

And One I Would Like to Watch Next… Luke Cage

I have heard fantastic things about this.  The trailer for it looks very action packed.  I do like comic book films and TV shows so this is something I think I would enjoy.


Which TV shows are you watching at the moment?  Which would you like to watch?  Any recommendations would be great!


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  1. Love Pretty little liars and Games of Thrones! I really want to watch Luke Cage…just need a bit more free time but it is on my to watch list.

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