Top Posts on Dillydrops – Weekly Roundup

We have had a week of great posts so here is our weekly roundup of top posts from Dillydrops blog.

Top Posts on Dillydrops Blog: Weekly Roundup

Five ways to prepare your child with the life skills that they need.  In this post, I have written five ways in which I try to help my children to practice things that they will find useful when they are older.

Siblings August 2015.  Here is my Siblings post.  I have been taking photographs each month to show the relationship between my children.  It will be great to look back on to see how they have changed over the year and to remember the fun we have had.

The 30 Day Blogging Challenge #30DBBC Week 5. I completed the 30 Day Blogging Challenge!  Here is my final roundup post, up to day 30.

#MySundayPhoto – Parrot. I’ve been practicing my photography skills and helping H with her sewing skills.

Back to School Checklist Infographic.  I have been working hard to make another infographic from scratch.  I am enjoying doing these but they take me a long time at the moment.  I am also evaluating constantly with them and thinking how I can improve them.

Blogging Goals for July and August: Update. How I have got on with my goals for the last couple of months.  Do you set yourself goals?

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