Top Posts on Dillydrops – Weekly Roundup 24th September

Dillydrops Weekly Roundup 24th SeptemberTop posts on Dillydrops for our weekly roundup were:

Bring Back the Dinner Table Infographic. This infographic has really helped me to think more about our habits.  We really don’t eat at the table as much as I’d like.  This infographic has some great facts and food for thought.  You should go check it out.

I Like to Squeak! How do you Speak? from Little Tiger Kids.  Our review for this delightful animal book aimed at 3-5 year olds.

Sticking and Glueing for My Sunday Photo.  Who doesn’t enjoy sticking?

Helping your child get a great night’s sleep Infographic.  Sleepy People have provided us with this wonderful infographic with a wide range of expert opinions on how to help your child to sleep better. A very useful infographic.

Wordless Wednesday – The Aeroplane Rocket.  I found my son making this and testing it out in the garden.  It is lovely to see such creativity.

It is great to see that so many of you are enjoying my blog posts.  Thank you to you all.

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