Top Posts on Dillydrops – Weekly Roundup

Top Posts on Dillydrops Blog: Weekly Roundup 17th September

Top posts on Dillydrops this week were:

Inspirational Kitchen Designs was our most popular post.  Deciding on which new kitchen to purchase is a big decision.  These fantastic designs have inspired me to think about how I would like our kitchen to look.

Wordless Wednesday which is a photograph of our new Mickey Violas.  H loved these flowers due to their resemblance to Mickey Mouse.  I loved the deep purple against the white on them.  They are a wonderful addition to our ever growing sensory garden.

#MySundayPhoto Our recent trip to the circus meant that we were treated to some fluffy, pink candy floss.  Yum!

How to plant and grow bedding plants After receiving some lovely plants, we put these in our new planters to brighten up our garden.

Happy Birthday, Nina! Book Review We love the Jules and Nina series.  You should have a look at this post to find out why we like this series so much.

Thank you all for visiting our blog.  It is great to see which posts my readers enjoy the most.  Which has been your favourite Dillydrops blog post this week?

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