Top Ten Posts on Dillydrops – April 2016

Dillydrops Top 10 Posts April 2016The top posts on Dillydrops for April 2016 contain a mixture of health, recipes, product reviews and photography posts.  Here are our top ten posts for April.

Popular in April 2016

Top Tips on Sleeping Well with a Bad Back

I have had a bad back and neck for many years now, due to hypermobility issues and an old injury I sustained over ten years ago.  I’ve tried lots of different things to help me to get a better night’s sleep so I thought I’d share some of the more successful things that have helped me.

Dairy and Egg Free Carbonara Recipe

This recipe has been very popular since I first published it.  I’m really pleased with how this tastes, as this is the closest I’ve been able to get to the carbonara I used to eat, which contained eggs and cream.

Dairy Free and Egg Free Lasagne Recipe

I really love the idea of the #liveslow slow living movement.  I’ve explained what this is and included a quality lasagne recipe, which suits my dairy and egg intolerances, and fits with the live slow ethos.

How to Get Children Ready for School in Good Time

This is a post full of tips for getting children ready for school, which can be a challenge on the best of days.

Caring for my Labrador with Royal Canin

Floppy tried out some new, specialised dog food for her breed.  Here is what we thought about it as well as the other help and information from the Royal Canin website.

Tidying the Lawn After Winter

As it has come to that time of year again, many of you have been reading about getting your lawn sorted out for Spring.  The sunshine is a fantastic excuse to get out into the garden.

My Sunday Photo – Content

As part of her Royal Canin hamper, Floppy felt very content with this handmade toy bone.  I love the expression on her face.  She truly was content.

Oven Pride Review- Cleaning my Barbeque for Summer

A very popular post, with a fantastic photograph of my extremely sparkly barbeque as well as a guide on how to get yours as sparkly clean as mine is.

How to Survive Being Ill as a Single Parent

This is something that I’ve had to deal with lately, with illnesses in quick succession.  Here is how I have coped and survived being ill on my own.

Epson ET-4550 Printer Review

We were given an Eco-tank printer, with two years worth of ink in, to review.  I kept spelling it Ecto-tank, which is now it’s nickname.  I do like the Ghostbusters.  Here is what we thought of this new 4-in-1 printer.


Which were your favourite Dillydrops possts from April 2016?  Have you made any of the recipes yet?


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