Eye glasses holder from UncommonGoods.

Top Tips for Choosing Amazing Gifts

Each month we seem to lots of time choosing amazing gifts for family and friends.  Birthdays, anniversaries  and other occasions such as  graduations take time to think of new ideas for gifts.  The more occasions that go by, the more difficult it is to find those perfect gifts.

Top Tips for Choosing Amazing Gifts

After searching through many gift companies on the internet, a great website called UncommonGoods was recommended to me.  This company works hard to run their business with sustainability in mind.

They are increasingly providing products that are socially and environmentally friendly.  UncommonGood uses many different ways to make customers aware of environmental issues as well as to give back to the community through their Better to Give programme.

A top tip for choosing amazing gifts would be to check out UncommonGoods.

Top Tips for Choosing Amazing Gifts. Eye glasses holder, scratch map and family cookbook from UncommonGoods.

Gifts we Love

There are many gifts that really appeal to us.  These unique birthday gift ideas include the eye glass holder that would certainly help me to remember where I had put my glasses.

Eye glasses holder from UncommonGoods.

There are a wide range of gifts for women at UncommonGoods.  I am really hoping that my children will get me the family cookbook for Christmas.  Our lifestyle involves a lot of recipe making so this would be a perfect gift for me.  I have several friends and family members that would be equally as pleased with this as a gift.

My Family Cookbook from UncommonGoods.

I have several friends and family member who would love the scratch map.  The idea is to scratch off the gold covering of each country that you visit.  Travelling is a passion for a few people that are close to me so I think this would be a very well received gift.  You can find more interesting gift ideas here.

My Scratch Map from UncommonGoods.

A top tip would be to chose gifts that appeal to you and that suit your recipient’s passions.

Which are your Favourite Gifts?

After browsing this website, I came away with many great ideas for gifts for all occasions.  It was refreshing to find gifts that were more environmentally friendly.  I really liked the range of gifts on offer too.

These amazing products have a great look to them.  They are obviously made by skilled artists and crafts people.  I think that this makes receiving a gift like these, all that more special.

Final top tip: It is good to have a different type of gift that is more unique and is good for the environment.

Which are your favourite gift ideas from the UncommonGoods website?


Disclosure:  This post is in collaboration with UncommonGoods. Product photos are courtesy of UncommonGoods.  




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