Top Tips for Playing in the Rain: Keeping Toddlers Dry

Top Tips for Playing in the Rain: Keeping Toddlers Dry #SponsoredPostMy children have always loved playing in the rain but keeping them dry has been a challenge over their toddler years.  I have been thinking about the ways that I have kept them dry and healthy, even in the wet weather.  Here are my top tips.

The Importance of Being Outside

I think playing outside in the wet weather is very important.  I know some parents that prefer not to let their children go outside when it is raining.  Their reasons range from not wanting to do extra washing to worrying that their child will get ill from getting wet.  Each parent knows what is best for their own children and their own set of circumstances.  In our case though, my children go outside every day, regardless of what the weather might be like.  They are dressed appropriately to keep as dry and warm as possible.  It is very tempting to stay inside in the warm but we always have more fun when we go out.

Playing in the Rain: Wellies

We have a long walk and stop of for a play on the grass on the way back.  It is almost guaranteed to rain at some point so we always have to be prepared to get wet.  My children know that puddles are only for jumping in when they are wearing their wellies.  We’ve learnt from them wading through a large puddle at the start of one very long journey in the past.  Those soggy feet meant a lot of complaining, which was not so enjoyable when we were unable to go back and dry them off.  Playing in the puddles is great fun and we all do it at every opportunity but wellies are a must every time.

Wellies and waterproofs: playing in the rain

Playing in the Rain: Waterproofs

We have waterproof jackets for the changing seasons.  All-in-one rain suits are great too.  Sometimes, splashing in puddles means that little legs get wet, so the rain suits, like these from Firelabel, are great for protecting toddlers from this. Staying as dry as possible when playing in the rain means that my children have been able to stay out and have more fun for longer.

Playing in the Rain: Things to Consider

We have tried using umbrellas in the past but these have not been much use to us. In our little town, the pavements are quite narrow and it is often windy. I think umbrellas are good for keeping little ones dry and healthy, as they are a lot of fun to use. My children have really enjoyed the novelty of using them. However, I found it difficult to let my children use umbrellas independently. When they have tried using them, the wind has blown the umbrellas inside out, eyes have almost been poked out and we’ve had the added challenge of my children fighting for independence to use the umbrella, even though it has often been anywhere except being above their heads. If you have any tips on using umbrellas with children, I’d love to hear them as we were unsuccessful in this area.

When the cooler months are upon us, to keep warm and dry, my children wear extra layers underneath their waterproof clothes. Fleeces are the most comfortable clothes we have found for this job. We also use waterproof gloves for those really rainy days. I have loved using these when I used to push the pushchair. It helped to stop my hands from being chapped and sore.


What do you do to keep your toddler dry and healthy when playing in the rain?


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  1. My son is always sick lately and I really want to prevent that. We are always so expose to the elements on school run and I have to admit that we dont have the proper attire. I will try to look for some waterproofs are thought its getting warmer the weather is still too erratic. Hope that would lessen his sickness =(

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