Top Tips for Travelling this Christmas


Many people spend Christmas away from home each year. We generally stay at home to enjoy a lazy day or two in our pyjamas, using the new gifts that we have received. Christmas is a time to visit loved ones so at some point, we make sure that we pop round to see those that are close to us.

Spending time with family and friends always seems much more special during the winter months. Maybe it is the cosy fires and excitement of the children, either way, chatting with loved ones is always wonderful.

Top Tips for Travelling this Christmas

It is important to travel safely during this festive season so we have put together a few top tips for travelling this Christmas:

  • Check that your car is in tip top condition for the wintery roads. Checking the water, oil, petrol and having a general look over your car can help to avoid any issues on your journey. Event Tyres have some great advice on the importance of checking tyre pressure.
  • If you are travelling by train, make sure that your tickets are in a safe place so that you don’t have to search for them just before you leave. We have had this panic before.
  • Make sure that you have packed some warm clothing, just in case your car breaks down or your train is delayed due to bad weather. It can feel very chilly when you have to wait a while outside during the winter months.
  • Check travel websites or the radio before you set off. Doing this may shorten your journey if there happens to be a problem or delay on the route that you were planning to take.

Arriving at your Destination

It is always wonderful to be greeted by family and friends after a journey. Hot chocolate, tea or coffee can feel so much more comforting when you reach your destination.

What are your top tips for travelling this Christmas?

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