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At this time of the year, I find myself wishing that I was somewhere warmer. I have been dreaming about my 2018 travel bucket list with help from It is wonderful to have a think about where I would like to travel during. There are some great options for travel destinations on the Destination2 website. From holidays in the Middle East, the Indian Ocean, Caribbean, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia,

China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia and Europe. Before I was made aware of the Destination2 website, I had not really thought about visiting some of these places. Looking through some of the featured destinations though, I think that some of these places would fit very nicely on my 2018 travel bucket list. This website caters for wide price range. From luxury hotels with flights included to cheaper stays with hotel only prices, there is are several options to meet the needs of different travellers. We would be looking at the three star hotel price ranges, which all look amazing.

Our Travel Bucket List

Here are our top three places that I have been thinking of taking my family for relaxing holidays in the sun:

  • Greece. I have always loved the idea of visiting Greece. It always looks such an idyllic place and the blue waters in the photographs always look so inviting. Several friends of mine have visited Greece and they always tell me about the wonderfully relaxing time they have had there. One major appeal with Greece is the rich culture and history there. Trying out some authentic mezze would be awesome too. I just need to decide whether Crete or Kos would be the place for us to visit.
  • Bali. Visiting Bali would be an absolute dream. I think experiencing the culture over there would be eye-opening for my young family. I can just imagine us having some wonderful adventures and making some lasting memories of taking part in water sports or just taking in the beautiful scenery.
  • Maldives. This stunning place has always been on my life long travel bucket list. Again, the clear blueness of the sea and the white beaches are perfect for encouraging us to relax and unwind. We are forever rushing around in our everyday lives so I think that it would be the best place for us to enjoy having a relaxing swim and to sunbathe on the beaches. Bliss!

I really hope that we get to visit at least one of these places in 2018. Which destinations are on your 2018 travel bucket list?

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