Ways To Give Your Bedroom A Boutique Hotel Feel

From those little chocolates the maid leaves under your pillow through to the expensive toiletries in the bathroom, the finishing touches in boutique hotel bedrooms should leave you feeling utterly pampered and special. Of course, such nights away from home aren’t only expensive, they can also be rare and difficult to plan if you have little ones. Those chocolates wouldn’t last long under the pillow if you had a toddler in tow, would they? With this in mind, this post is all about the dream updates you could make to your very own bedroom to make it feel as if you’re staying in one of those exclusive boutique hotels, all without leaving your home. And as it turns out, the very best things to have in your bedroom begin with a ‘b’…


According to research carried out by London estate agents Marsh & Parsons, adding a roof terrace or balcony to your home could boost the value of your property by up to 12 per cent. There’s something very cosmopolitan about sipping your morning coffee in the sunshine and a glass of wine under the stars on your very own balcony. Depending on the size of your additional floating space, you could add a small bistro table set for intimate morning breakfasts with your other half. Of course, if you do have small children you’ll need to consider safety first.

Mini bar

Three things that are great about a mini bar; you have almost instant access to a refreshing beverage when you need it, someone comes and refills the bar for you, the magical fairies leave snacks for you too! Okay, so fitting a mini fridge might not be an option and if you do so you might well find it soon fills up with cans of beer. Instead, why not channel that boutique room vibe with a drinks tray, set up with your favourite miniatures, mixers and a stylish selection of snacks. Setting up a mini bar tray is a great way of playing at being away, particularly if you have a special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary. If you have guests staying, why not treat them to a personalised mini bar tray in their room?

Bath in the bedroom

A large roll top bath has become a signature installation at many top hotels but it’s not an addition that’s entirely practical for all. Often it’s the creative positioning of such bathtubs under sky lights or in the eve of the window that makes them a lovely light and airy place to bathe. If you’d like to create a similar feel without navigating past your bath on the way to your wardrobe, you could consider adding an en suite. There are three options here: sectioning off some space from your existing bedroom, converting space from an adjoining room or adding an extension. Whichever you plump for, using bi-fold doors to allow free flow of light can help you achieve the freedom feel of a boutique hotel space. These from Vufold  are wood trimmed, which look far more luxe than UPVC counterparts. A word of warning however, this type of bedroom upgrade isn’t likely to appeal to shy couples.

Bespoke storage

Somehow, even the most compact of space is made to look special within boutique hotel bedrooms and that’s largely due to clever furniture choice that often incorporates bespoke storage space. From beautiful wooden bookshelves that make use of little nooks and crannies through to fabulously carved blanket boxes that sit at the end of the bed, furniture that’s made especially for your room makes it look and feel personal and unique. It’s true that this type of upgrade can be expensive if you can’t count a joiner among your inner circle of friends but there are ways to lower the cost. Furniture makers who specialise in recycling old furniture will often work with you to source and customise items on your behalf. If you fancy getting involved in the world of furniture customisation yourself there are a host of Youtube channels dedicated to the topic and many local colleges now offer classes too. Is it time you upskilled to upcycle?

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