What I Thought of #BritMumsLive

BritMumsLive Badge
BritMumsLive Badge

Last weekend, I attended #BritMumsLive at The Brewery in London.  I bought my ticket almost a year ago so it felt like a long time to wait until the event.  I was hoping to go for the Friday and the Saturday but due to child care, I was unable to get my children where they needed to be and to get myself to London for the conference. However, I was able to go for the whole of Saturday and it was an amazing experience.

Me - Bek from Dillydrops
Me – Bek from Dillydrops

Meeting Bloggers and Brands

The main reasons I went to #BritMumsLive was to meet some of the bloggers that I have been talking to online over the past year and a half.  I was pleased that all of the bloggers I met were absolutely lovely.  They were all just as friendly and supportive in person, as they are in the online world.  The blogging community is a group that I feel that I belong to and I really enjoy being a part of it.  I would have liked to have spent a bit more time chatting to some of them and some bloggers that I really wanted to meet, I was only able to say a passing, “Hi,” to or did not manage to spot them in the crowd.

I really enjoyed having a wander around to talk to the brands that were there too.  The ladies at Parragon Books were wonderful and my daughter was extremely excited about her counting book.  I was also excited about My Freddy Bear and I think that this is something that my daughter would think was an amazing toy.  I have yet to try out the RealTime videos but it was explained to me brilliantly.  I absolutely loved my Eternity bracelet from Mama Maman and thought that they had some very beautiful pieces of jewellery.  I was also able to talk to the ladies at Joules-a brand I particularly love, which was fantastic!


The Talks

There were a variety of talks available to help me learn more about blogging.  I wanted to go to all of them so it was difficult choosing which ones to go to.  I decided upon, ‘Social Media Optimisation,’ with Ali Clifford from Kids Chaos and Maggy Woodley from Red Ted Art for the first session. For the second session, I went to, ‘BritMums in conversation with… Bloggers and Brands,’ with Claire Chandler from H&K, Nadine Hill from Juggle Mum, Jennifer Howze from BritMums and Jenography.net, Susanna Scott from BritMums and A Modern Mother as well as Marianne Weekes from Mari’s World. For Session 3, I learned more about creating great graphics for my blog with Julie Hall from Women Unlimited.

This is when we broke for lunch.  I was quite nervous about this, as I it is a bit hit and miss as to whether I am able to eat at events such as this, due to my food intolerances.  I was very pleased that the Chef had prepared a dish especially for me.  I had chicken and vegetables.  Unfortunately, the chicken wasn’t actually in the box so I went back to ask for the Chef if I could have some.  He was lovely and did it straight away.  He also gave me a very large dish of different fruits for dessert.  I did have to take this into the next session though.  Yum!

BritMumsLive Sessions
BritMumsLive Sessions

I chose, ‘How to market yourself and your writing,’ by Joanna Penn from The Creative Penn.  This session was absolutely amazing!  I felt like I learned a lot in this session and Joanna was very inspiring.  For the final session, I found out more about Pinterest with Jennifer Jain from Jennifer’s Little World, Helen Neale from Kiddy Charts and Jen Standbrook from Love Chic Living.  I must admit, I have a tendency to get distracted on Pinterest and spend hours on it, just exploring.  This is great but for the purposes of using it for my blog, I felt I needed a talk like this to focus my mind on how to use it to help my blog posts reach more people.  I feel like I now know more about how to use Pinterest to benefit my blog.

Keynote Speakers BritMumsLive
Keynote Speakers BritMumsLive

I really enjoyed the Keynote speakers.  I thought that Carol Smillie’s talk about Diary Doll was very engaging and I think that this is a great product for women at different stages in their lives.  I was interested by Caprice’s Keynote.  I didn’t really know much about Caprice before BritMums so it was interesting to hear her story, from actress to entrepreneur to mother.  It was wonderful hearing The Bloggers’ Keynote.  I was only able to stay for some of them but it was great to hear bloggers reading their posts in their own voices (rather than the voice in my head).  Some of them brought a tear to my eye as they were very emotional posts.  I think that Helen and Jenny were particularly brave to read their posts but the hugely supportive blogging community were the best type of audience for them, in my opinion.

My Overall Thoughts on #BritMumsLive

Overall, I had a fantastic time at BritMumsLive this year.  It was my first year attending this blogging conference and I was made to feel very welcome.  I did not take many photographs while I was there as I was too busy meeting people, trying to figure out which blogs people belonged to and taking on all the new ideas I’d just learned to think about getting my camera out.  I think that this enhanced my experience to be honest, as I wasn’t looking at my phone lots.  I must admit that I came away with lots of ideas of what to do with my blog and how to improve certain aspects of it, including my social media channels but I have had a few days with total writers’ block.  I think it has taken me a little while to let the information soak in.  I’m ok now though, I seem to be back with the blogging flow.

If you went to BritMumsLive this year, I hope that you had a great time and got from it what you’d hoped to.  If I met you there, thank you for being so wonderfully friendly and if I didn’t meet you, I really hope to meet you next time.




37 thoughts on “What I Thought of #BritMumsLive

  1. What a great post. It was so lovely to meet you over the weekend and I’m glad you came away from it inspired! x

  2. It was great wasn’t it, such an inspiring event. It was lovely to meet you in person and I’m really looking forward to meeting you again next year if not before 🙂 x

  3. I’m so glad that you had a great time, and am really pleased that you found the Pinterest session helpful, thank you for your positive comments! 🙂

    1. It was really helpful, thank you very much 🙂 I was hoping to learn more about Pinterest and you have helped me to focus more on what I’d like to achieve with it. 🙂

  4. It was nice to meet you in when we sat together in the bloggers and brands session. I wanted to tell you that i read your blog and reconised you as soon as you sat down but i was so shy. Glad that you had a good time xx

    1. It was nice to meet you! I was hoping to speak to you as I recognised you and your blog too but it was difficult to speak to anybody during that session. I’d hoped to meet up with you all after that but I somehow didn’t manage to see you afterwards. Hopefully we will get to meet up again and chat properly. x

  5. It’s the first year for a while that I haven’t been and I really missed not seeing everyone. Find it is quite an expensive trip these days as ticket prices are higher and London tends to be expensive for hotels, etc.

    1. I was able to stay at my brother’s for the event and bought an early bird ticket. Even then, I agree, with train tickets, petrol and food it is an expensive event to attend.

  6. I keep meaning to get myself along to one of these. I hear great things about them but I hate walking into crowded places and not knowing anyone so it always puts me off! Sounds like you had a great time though.

    1. I was a bit worried about that too. Chatting with a few bloggers that you know are attending before the event helps. Everybody is extremely friendly though and just about all the people there feel the same about meeting new people and crowds. Once you are there, I found it was surprising how many people I knew from chatting online.

  7. I didn’t go this year but I’m hoping to in 2016. For me the groups don’t really teach a lot but I love the social side of the event x

    1. The social side was the main part for me, even though I did pick up some fantastic tips from a couple of the sessions too. Bloggers are such lovely people x.

  8. I’m pleased you had a great time – I was really sorry to miss it this year but hope to make it next year!

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