What to Grow: Fruit and Vegetables in the UK

For the vast majority of the UK the thought to grow your own vegetables seems a formidable task that is bound to take up a large amount of time as well as energy. The long hours spent in your garden begin to wear thin with originality which means that many people give up. However, with the help of Suttons and Dobbies, who’re both premium seeds retailers, we can provide a list of the best fruit and veg to grow in your garden.

Spring Onions and Radishes

Both of these vegetables are able to be grown in a pot or in the garden, whichever you prefer! They’re both perfect for a fresh, tasty salad. The spring onion supplies a sweet yet sharp crunch and the radish adds a peppery taste to the spread. For the best results in growing your spring onions and radishes, wait until the end of Spring when there’s plenty of sunlight before planting your seeds.


Potatoes are great for growing in spring, they’re the foremost of many dishes and tend to go great as a jacket with some baked beans or with a lean steak. Growing the potatoes can be just as enjoyable: grab yourself a potato bag and plant the seeds in there, wait until the green sprouts start to come through and then cover them again with compost. Continue to do this until the bag is full then you can begin watering them. After around 10-20 weeks the foliage will begin to go yellow, tip out the bag and look at all the delicious potatoes you’ve grown!


This old-British classic is very simple to grow in your garden. To grow them is rather simple, they don’t need a great deal of attention or sunlight so can be grown near enough anywhere in the garden. If you don’t want to deal with any thorns the Apache blackberry plant is your choice! These go perfect with overnight porridge. To create your nutritional and refreshing breakfast, get your rolled oats and pour soy milk over the top of them (just enough to soak the oats). Mix in your blackberries before leaving them in the fridge overnight to chill. When you take it out the next morning it’ll have a creamy texture. Ideal for a spring day.


Another simple vegetable to grow, they sprout well in cooler weather meaning the start of spring (around March) is a great time to start on them. Once planting the pea seeds they need support from the stems; to do this you can either use a chicken wire or other netting between supports at the end of each row. Peas taste great straight out the ground and are perfect to be used in a vegetable mix or even with alongside a lean meat and those potatoes you’ve grown!

Goji Berries

Although these are an exotic fruit they grow perfectly fine in our British climate. They’re a pretty tough shrub and are capable of growing on windy coastal parts, but they do need plenty of sunlight so be sure to keep this in mind when choosing where to plant these. The fruit itself is exceptionally juicy and rich in nutrients. You can use a blender to mix with other fruits and natural yogurt to create a delicious superfood smoothie. Another option is to use as a topping for your cereal to give it an exotic taste.


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