What To Look For In A Commercial Cleaning Company

The state of your facility is an indicator of how your company operates. No matter what industry you are in, you only get one chance to make an impression on potential clients and current customers.

It is important to maintain a clean environment for your business. However, it can be difficult to find a professional commercial cleaner who is available when you are busy. Although there may be many commercial cleaning services in bristol, each company may have different levels of experience, use of products, and services offered. How do you choose the right cleaning company for you?

ServiceMaster Clean’s experts are here to help you find the customized, professional care that your business requires on a regular basis. Here are some essential characteristics to look out for when choosing a cleaning service.

Niveau of Experience and Training

While experience is important, it is not enough. It is vital that a company has ongoing training for its employees. Employees will benefit from regular, thorough training that teaches them the latest safety and cleaning procedures. Training increases accountability and makes it easier to ensure your facility is cleaned to the highest standards. It also reduces liability and improves safety. When interviewing cleaning companies, be sure to ask these questions:

  • How often do your employees receive ongoing training?
  • Who will provide the training?
  • What is the average age of your business?

Flexibility and Scheduling

You should consider the needs of your business when hiring a cleaning service. You may not want guests or employees to be distracted by a cleaning crew that vacuums during work hours. You may prefer to have your building cleaned by a company after work hours. Ask potential cleaning companies the following questions about their schedules:

  • Do they have the flexibility to work around the hours of your company?
  • Is there a blackout time in their schedule?
  • Is there a main contact person or a team of cleaners available to assist with emergency calls or other problems that arise unexpectedly outside of regular business hours?

Different types of services and plans offered

Businesses looking to hire cleaners may be lured into paying too much or too little for the services they really need. Your company’s unique environment means that a cleaning service should be capable of handling both the basic and more complex tasks.

A good cleaning company will know that not all services are the same. To determine if a potential cleaning service is a good fit, ask the following questions:

  • Are you able to offer customized cleaning plans?
  • What are your project-based services, such as power washing or hard flooring treatments, carpet and rug cleaning, or special occasion cleaning?

Types of Facilities Available

You should ensure that the cleaning company offers a wide range of services. Also, you should find out which facilities they service. You may require specialized cleaning services depending on your business’ industry. A business office might need to be cleaned daily, but a healthcare facility would require disinfection services every day that conforms to the guidelines set out by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It’s a smart idea to ask cleaning companies about similar facilities or references. Your cleaning company should strive to promote a healthy workplace and provide professional cleaning services that make your building shine, no matter what industry it is.

Accountability And Communication

It is important to find a company that values building long-lasting relationships with clients when choosing a cleaning service. Commercial cleaning companies that provide friendly, personal service are more likely to be able to meet all your needs and resolve any concerns you may have. Ask the following questions when you are speaking with potential cleaning companies:

  • Do I have access to a primary contact point?
  • If I have a question, can I reach the person after hours?
  • What is the minimum number of times I can expect to have a check-in?
  • Do you have a system to communicate with customers? Is there a quality control process that is regularly followed?

Safety and Industry Standards

Professional commercial cleaning companies must adhere to strict safety standards. Ask if there are any protocols in place to protect your company’s confidential information. Find out if the company has been licensed, bonded, and insured. An established, reputable cleaning company should adhere to industry standards and cleaning protocols set forth by organizations such as the following:

  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration
  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, (HIPAA).

Supply and Equipment

Outsourcing your cleaning crew can have many benefits. You may save time, money, and focus. You can expect the best equipment and the most innovative cleaning products when you hire a cleaning company to clean your place. Ask potential cleaners if they have access to special cleaning products that are suitable for your company’s disinfection and sanitization processes. You might also want to inquire about equipment and supplies:

  • Are you using equipment that reduces the noise?
  • Where can you find cleaning supplies?
  • Are you able to offer eco-friendly cleaning services?

There are many benefits to using a professional office cleaning service

A professional cleaning service can provide many benefits beyond the obvious benefit of a neat and organized place to present your business to clients and customers. Here are some ways professional cleaning services can help your business.

Productivity of employees increases

Your employees will spend a lot time in the office. A clean, safe and organized workspace can increase productivity. Organization can reduce distractions and prevent employees from interrupting their workday by cleaning up after themselves. They will be more productive if they are able to focus on their work and meet the company’s expectations.

Reduced sick days

One employee can spread germs quickly to the entire office if they are sick. A professional cleaning company can keep sick days to an absolute minimum by performing regular cleanings and using disinfectants. Cleaning high-touch areas such as breakrooms and restrooms, conference rooms, and lobbies daily can help to eliminate germs before they spread to other employees. Technology that eliminates and eliminates contaminants instead of moving them around can be used to improve indoor air quality.


Outsourced cleaning services can help you save money on equipment, maintenance and inventory. Outsourced cleaning services are often flexible enough to fit your budget. This means that you can only pay for the services you require, such as window washing and HVAC system cleaning, instead of paying an entire crew. This means that you don’t need to have additional employees on your payroll. This allows you to spend less on employee benefits, salaries, bonuses, and other expenses.

There is less to take care of

Cleaning may not be a priority when you are running a busy business. You can save time by hiring a commercial cleaner to handle all your cleaning needs.

A Higher Quality of Cleanliness

A professional commercial cleaning company is the best way to make sure your business is clean. A professional cleaning service will have the tools and the experience to complete the task to your satisfaction. A reputable cleaning company will specialize in office cleaning. Their goal is to clean your office from floor to ceiling and create a safe environment for customers and staff.

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