What Would Your Dog Do With a Fortune?

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Over the years, there have been many reports of owners leaving their pets a fortune in their wills. After reading through this infographic from The Law House’s, it made us think about how our Floppy dog might spend a fortune if she was left one.  These pets are very rich indeed!

What Would Our Dog do with a Fortune? Infographic from www.thelawhouse.com #WillsinNumbers

What Would Floppy Dog do with a Fortune?

S and H have been thinking about this over the past few days. If Floppy dog was given a lot of money, we have a few ideas about what she would be likely to spend it on.

S thought that she might like to buy a big comfy bed to sleep on.  She is always sneaking onto the beds during the night and is always told to get down.  S thinks that she would love to get her own king sized bed all to herself.  Oh, and a huge room to fit it in.  That would make her very happy, I’m sure.  No more having to sleep on her dog bed on the floor.

H thought that Floppy might go out and buy a huge amount of rawhide dog bones.  She would also buy lots of cat shaped toys to chase around the house whenever she wanted because she doesn’t like cats.  Floppy would also buy the biggest garden ever so that she could run around lots.

Both children thought that Floppy might give some of her money away to a charity that looks after other dogs.  They thought that she would visit some times to have a run around with the other dogs.

The Importance of Writing a Will

I think it is very important to write a will.  Although it is not something that anybody wants to think about really, it is something that everybody should consider.  You never know what is going to happen.  I would much rather have that piece of mind that my money and belongings would be left to my family otherwise, in certain circumstances, they may be left to the state.  You can find more information from the wills and probate lawyer London.

Have you written your will yet?  Did you include any fortunes to your beloved pet?

You can find out more by searching for the #WillsinNumbers hashtag.

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