This week, it has been evident that winter is definitely here.  We have had ice, snow, sleet and general coldness.  As we have not had snow for the past couple of years, it has been the first time H has seen the white stuff properly which has meant that she has been very excited about it all.  S is a little older so saw the snow from the winter several years ago, where we got lots of it (for this area anyway).

A dark winter sky
A dark winter sky

When S was younger, I remember when he first saw the snow.  He was so excited so he went to get his winter clothes straight away.  He picked up his coat, his hat, his gloves, his scarf, his thick socks, his jumper and his wellies.  It took us ages to get him dressed for the cold weather as he was only just learning how to dress himself.  Once we got outside, his Dad and I helped him to make a snowman.  Well, we managed to make a snowman’s body which took us about ten minutes.  It was great fun, while it lasted!  S decided that, after the initial excitement of playing in the snow, that snow was too cold.  He suddenly announced that he was going inside to get warm.  We then spent a while taking all his winter clothes off again.  Hot drinks and cuddles followed while the poor headless snowman waited patiently outside.

Snowy fun
Snowy fun

H was different in her approach to the snow.  When she was younger, it snowed for a couple of days one winter and she loved walking S to school in it.  She doesn’t remember though and the snow didn’t stay around for long.  She was very excited when she saw it falling this year so stood at the window, watching it for some time.  When we got outside in it, she was not bothered by the coldness of it at all.  H was so eager to walk in it and play imaginatively in it, that I don’t even think she realised it was cold.  We played on the lawn at the front of our house, we played at the park and we took long walks in it.  I think that it helped that S was there to play with her in the snow.  I also think that watching Frozen, no less than five hundred times (probably…I lost count) has helped with her love of the snow.  She would have stayed outside all day and night in it, if I had let her.

Imaginative, winter play
Imaginative, winter play. They were rescuing each other from slipping down the mountain by holding out sticks.

I love how much the children now enjoy the snow, even though we get very little amounts of it, compared to other places.  It is wonderful to see them so amazed by it.  I however, am not so keen on snow.  I used to love it as a child but nowadays, it just makes things more difficult.  I worry about driving in it, walking is difficult on the ice and like S when he was younger, I prefer to keep warm nowadays.  I seem to have lost that magical, child-like idealism of the snow but I am fortunate to be able to tap back into it when I see my children playing in it.

Our footprints
Our footprints

How did your children react to the snow the first time they saw it?  Do you like the snow?

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  • mummyoftwo

    It looks like you have had a little more than us! F had never really seen it before so I am pleased she has gotten a little to play in, though it has not been fun for me this year at all!

  • Merlinda Little

    Snow in your place looks nice. Not thin as the other and not too much. Yes it is a bit scary. I am wishing for a bit of snow for my son and then I realized we are just walking on our school run. It is hard as it is now cuz its cold and I can only imagine how harder it is when its snowy. #schoolruncolours

  • Sara (@mumturnedmom)

    I think it’s wonderful how much enjoyment kids get out of even a little snow. I will admit that I’m not a huge fan, but I try to see the snow as they do – something exciting and magical. Thanks so much for sharing with #ThePrompt x

  • Yes mine are always a bit shocked how cold it really is too!

  • Vaichin@RamblingThroughParenth

    We do get grumpy about all things, let alone snow, as we grow older. Looks like your little ones enjoyed the white stuff 🙂 Thanks for linking up with #SchoolRunColours