Wooden Flooring or Carpet?


After spending quite some time thinking about redecorating our whole house, we are now deciding whether to have wooden flooring or carpet in our living room.  I have been weighing up the pros and cons of each type of flooring for our needs.

Our cream coloured carpet has taken a battering over the years and is in dire need of changing.  When I moved the sofa to hoover underneath, I noticed that I could see the original colour of the carpet under the sofa (a part that has not been walked on).  It was a beautiful creamy, white colour.  To my horror, I then compared it to the rest of the carpet.  It really made me realise how much dirt the carpet had kept, even though I hoover regularly.

My parents have recently been talking about covering their living room and hallway with some solid wooden flooring.  This got me thinking about my own living room.  I had always presumed that I would have carpet in there but now, after discussing my parents’ plans, I am considering changing to a more wooden flooring look.  I think that it would be easier to clean, as I have two children that forget to take their dirty wellies/boots off when they come in from outside and a dog that doesn’t really care how dirty her feet are when she enters the living room.

Muddy Feet, before the carpet suffered
After this photo was taken, the rain came. The children’s boots and the dog’s feet got muddy. The living room carpet suffered as I wasn’t quick enough to stop them going in there before they’d taken their boots off!

However, I do like how a carpet feels on my feet when I walk into my living room, especially if it is a fluffy, deep pile carpet.  In some homes I have visited, sometimes I think that a wooden floor can make a living room seem less inviting.  Then again, I could cover  wooden flooring with rugs that could give my living room a more cosy feel and be just as soft on my feet.  Plus, I could change the rugs for a fresher look ever so often.

I am slightly concerned about the cost of solid wood flooring, as I have seen some that is very expensive and way out of my price range.  I have also considered having laminate flooring, which would have a wooden flooring look but would cost less.  Thinking about the future for my home though, I think that a solid wood floor would has more longevity.  After having a browse through numerous websites, I looked at some cheap floors from poshflooring.co.uk and discovered Engineered Wood.  This has a top layer of solid wood that withstands everyday wear and tear but does not warp like solid wood can do.  It is also more within my price range so this is something I will definitely consider.

I still have more thinking to do.  I need to do some finishing touches in the bathroom, as the suite has been installed and the tiles are on the wall.  The next job is to complete painting in there whilst I continue to consider whether to choose carpet or wooden flooring for the living room.

What flooring do you have in your living room?  What would you recommend?


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  • Globalmouse

    I have very grubby carpet and am desperate for wooden flooring!!

  • Twinsplustwo

    We’ve had this dilemma several times. Carpet is SO much warmer, kids relax noticeably and settle better, mine are far more hyper with hard floors!!!

  • sonya

    I like carpets for wamrth but adore the look of old varnished floor boards- it is a dilemma!

  • Beautyqueenuk

    I would love wooden flooring, I can’t stand wearing socks on a carpet, it goes right through me x

  • Emma Smith

    I have wooden floor and tiles all through the downstairs in my new house and it is so much easier than the carpeted floor I used to have. I’ve stripped all the wood back myself and given it a heavy layer of wax finish and love it. It was really hard work to do but should last for years an is very low maintenance.

  • I hate carpet in the living room. I am always cleaning my living room floor too, and we have a steam mop. I do need to think about my bathroom too.

  • Vaichin@RamblingThroughParenth

    Laminate flooring downstairs. Wouldn’t dare carpet it. And cannot really afford real wood!

  • Blue Bear Wood

    We’re wood floor doenstairs and carpet upstairs. Wood is so much easier if you have pets and kids!

  • Princess Cloo

    i have this debate, i tend to have wooden flooring everywhere except my bedroom and the living room!

  • Rachel In Real Life

    We have a carpet but it is a dark one. I don’t like it but it is practical. It is definitely a dilemma; I would like wooden flooring but also like the cosiness that carpets give. Tricky!

  • Kanchan Char@The Intrepid Misa

    We have solid wood, and I love it! We’ve always had carpets in the past and nice as that was, I feel this is so much easier to maintain. We have rugs that make it very inviting, and quite modern interiors which go nicely with wood floors. I think that plays a big part–the style of the furniture you have etc. I have to agree with you that sometimes, you just long to sink your feet into deep pile softness 🙂

  • Agata Pokutycka

    I have a wooden one and a rug… perfect combo of both for me 🙂

  • beautykinguk

    I would love wooden floors, but I think having three cats would make it a nightmare.

  • Kara

    I have vinyl that looks like wood – it is perfect for kids and easy to clean too

  • I would have wooden flooring throughout if I had my way

  • mummyoftwo

    My in-laws have just had wooden flooring in their living room and although it looks nice I still love carpets. I think they are so much warmer, and safer when you have really young children charging around!

  • Carolynne @ Mummy Endeavours

    I prefer carpet for a living room really as I love the cosy feel. Although we are thinking the same thing now we are going to decorate… Hard floors are better I think if you have animals, as you can always buy a huge rug?

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