Zip Stix Review

We were recently sent a Stunt Pack of Zip Stix from re:creation to review (SRP £7.99).  The pack contained three orange ‘cones’ to aim to knock down as well as two Zip Stix , two launchers and a ramp to help the Zip Stix travel further.  We used our Krash Videohead to record using the Zip Stix, as you can see below. Even though it took us quite some time to understand how to use Zip Stix, both children had a fantastic time.  We ended up playing this game for the whole morning.  My son has told me that the knack is to lock the Zip Stix so that it is straight and then to slightly bend the very end of it to help it to launch more easily.  He seemed to have it mastered.  I however, could not seem to get it to launch.  Maybe I need a bit more practice. Both my seven year old and my three year old created a whole scene where they used the Zip Stix imaginatively.  They made a river and a crocodile, out of things we found around our home.  They then made the Zip Stix jump over the river to avoid the snappy crocodile! Once you can understand how to use Zip Stix, I think that these make a great toy.  I think that they need a little bit of perseverance to start with but when you have used them a couple of times, they are actually quite simple to use and children can spend hours just shooting them across the room or towards targets.   Disclosure: We were sent a pack of Zip Stix for the purposes of this review. We were also sent a Krash Videohead camera to record out experiences on.  All opinions are honest and my own.