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Dog Walking Essentials for Autumn and Winter with Millets #MilletsDogs


We were recently given a coat and some walking shoes from Millets to enable us to take part in the #MilletsDogs campaign. We have been thinking about our dog walking essentials.

Floppy dog

Walks in the Countryside

Floppy really enjoys her walks down the fields in the countryside. Continue reading Dog Walking Essentials for Autumn and Winter with Millets #MilletsDogs

Tasty Vegetarian Meals with Goodlife Review


We were provided with funds to purchase some tasty vegetarian meals from Sainsbury’s, with Goodlife. In an effort to include more vegetables in our diet, this opportunity to review some Goodlife vegetable meals came at the perfect time.

Vegetables as a Main Meal

Over the past few months, we have been adding more vegetables to our diet in an effort feel healthier and to save some money. We have found that vegetables can be the main part of our meals, rather than just being a side dish. We have tried hearty homemade vegetable soups, baked root vegetables and we have been looking into different flavours to add to cauliflower rather than our usual cauliflower cheese.

It is great to see lots of different vegetable based dishes on the shelves nowadays. The Goodlife range of vegetarian meals have a lovely variety of different vegetables and are easy to prepare.

Vegetarian meals with Goodlife. *Advertorial*

We tried four different items from the Goodlife range: Continue reading Tasty Vegetarian Meals with Goodlife Review

#EcoverLaundry Challenge


This post is an entry for BritMums #EcoverLaundry Challenge, sponsored by Ecover

We were given a full-size (875ml) sample of Ecover Non-Bio Concentrated Laundry Detergent and exclusive laundry bag designed by the on-pack botanical illustrator Freya Morgan to enable us to take part in the #EcoverLaundry Challenge.

Lavender and sandalwood Ecover non-bio laundry concentrated detergent.
Lavender and sandalwood Ecover non-bio laundry concentrated detergent.

Laundry: Is it a Chore?

There are at least three different ways of thinking when it comes to doing laundry: Continue reading #EcoverLaundry Challenge

Staycation Ideas with JORD Watches


We have been thinking about staycation ideas with JORD watches. Usually, we would spend a while planning to see somewhere that is far away from where we live. This year though, we have spent some time closer to home. We needed to keep an eye on the time so my Dad took his unique watch from JORD along with us.

JORD wood watch

Do all Holidays Need to be Far Away?

My children find long journeys difficult. They are so excited and eager to get to our destination, that the trip seems to last forever for them. We have also had issues with travel sickness in the past. Far away holidays are great but we have decided that this year, we don’t need to go far at all. Continue reading Staycation Ideas with JORD Watches

Messy Room to Homework Station: Bedroom Makeover


As my son gets older, his bedroom seems to have got messier. He used to keep it very tidy but since turning ten years old, he puts things down and just leaves them. His Grandma and I have spent quite some time tidying his room over the past few months. It had got to the point where we had had quite enough of doing this for him though. We decided that he needed to take back the responsibility of keeping it tidy himself. We just had to figure out a way to motivate him to keep his room clean and clear.

Messy bedroom to homework station: An inspiring bedroom makeover. My son's bedroom was very messy so when we were given a desk from Kit Out My Office, we got to work tidying his bedroom. We re-arranaged the furniture in the bedroom and added the desk. Homework stations for kids and homework stations for teenagers are a great way to motivate children to do their homework and to keep the room tidy. Desk orginaisation is important too. We have made sure that my son has everything he needs within arms reach, to get his homework done quickly and painlessly. Less distractions are best. This bedroom idea for small rooms is perfect for my tween. This shows the bedroom makeover before and after pictures. This Aspire desk is great for any budget. My son chose a science themed desk space. He included his periodic table, robot stacking dolls, magnet fiddle toy, his science experiments book, a quote from Einstein to motivate him, his guitar picks, a stationary pot and of course, his Lego creation. #ad

Messy Room

Here are some of the pictures of my son’s room after his recent bout of not being bothered to keep his room tidy. Continue reading Messy Room to Homework Station: Bedroom Makeover