Project 365 Week 7

Here is our Project 365 Week 7.

Day 39 Was spent rolling off the sofa and giggling. Lots.


On day 40, S made me a beautiful heart for Valentine’s Day as part of being #BostikBloggers.

I love you Mum
I love you Mum

Day 41 saw H feeling poorly again. We were pleased when she was able to finally go to sleep.

On day 42, we continued to read Harry Potter.  Both children absolutely love being read to, especially at bed time.  I love that they are so into reading.

Reading Harry Potter
Reading Harry Potter

Day 43 was spent catching my annoying, poorly finger on anything that I could possibly catch it on.  H kissed it better though.  And wiped sweet potato all up my arm.

Kissing my poorly hand better
Kissing my poorly hand better

On day 44, S helped me to cook tea.  At the end of this week, I was feeling tired and a bit down due to being up a lot with H feeling poorly.  Even though S has had his issues this week, that we have had to have long chats about, he has been brilliant and has helped me so much around the house.  I am very lucky to have such a helpful, well behaved, kind and patient little boy.  I feel very proud of him.

Cooking Spaghetti Bolognaise for tea
Cooking Spaghetti Bolognaise for tea

Day 45 was Valentine’s Day. Actually, for us, we replaced this with Extra Pancake Day! Yum!

I have decided to swap Valentines Day with an extra pancake day. Happy Extra Pancake Day everyone!

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  • mummyoftwo

    Sorry it’s been a tough week for you, it’s hard when your little ones are poorly isn’t it, you don’t get time to look after yourself properly. Great that you have such a fabulous little helper, can you send him my way?! I like the idea of an extra pancake day instead of Valentines 😀

  • Elaine Livingstone

    extra pancake day sounds like a lovely day to me. How lovely of S to be so helpful when you are needing it, and cooking tea is a great help, nice when parents let their children help in the kitchen.
    The rolling off the couch giggling sounds like fab fun

  • Mandi Morrison

    An extra pancake Day sounds perfect, especially when you are suffering from lack of sleep, and everyone needs to have a rolling around and giggling day